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I have always excelled at taking something that already exists and making it better.  I constantly look at processes in my daily life and try to find ways to make them faster, better, easier.  I believe that the elimination of waste in the workplace is the fundamental way to make everyone happier and more productive.


I have years of experience streamlining processes.  From reducing duplicated inventory to eliminating wasted steps and everything in between.  I find ways to make your life more manageable.


Through these work experiences and projects, I have both observed and experienced firsthand the importance of understanding and appropriately managing the flow of any business.   This comes from a deep dive into how daily routines are performed, analyzing them and finding ways to make them work best for everyone.  I have a unique mix of experience and education which allows me the opportunity to provide ideal and custom solutions to any issue that is inhibiting your business from functioning at it’s peak.